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MLB 2012 season is almost underway!

Welcome back baseball fans. My goal this season is to write a weekly column addressing statistics, player analysis and fantasy baseball. Please follow me on twitter @SheriffStathead for free fantasy advice!

My 2 pennies worth of projections for the upcoming season:

NL East
MIA / Surprisingly this team hits lefties better than any other team in division, pitching depends on shaky health & defense
PHI / Major injury risks, but solid depth keeps them in race, pitching still spectacular
ATL / Braves in transition, hitting still green, pitching exceptional as always. Still injury risks
WAS / Hitting probably still a year away, pithing not bad, could easily skyrocket to top of division this season!
NYM / Hits RHP fine, can’t hit LHP and has zero pitching. 4 team race.

NL Central
STL / Still best that central has to offer, they don’t miss Albert as much you might think
CIN / Reds not far behind STL, should be very close race
MIL / Brew Crew will miss the Prince, pitching won’t be enough to make up difference.
CHC / Team is a mess. Good luck Theo!
HOU / Astros are a bigger mess.
PIT / Pirates hit better than HOU but has no pitching to speak of. However, massive influx of youth already en route.

NL West
ARI / Best hitting in division, good pitching but not nearly enough for postseason. Bauer/Skaggs could be answer.
LAD / Dodgers hitting still has holes, great pitching, not enough depth to make it far into postseason
COL / Rox hitting will be down from past years, pitching not so great at moment. Needs youth injection fast.
SD / Padres hitters better than most think, but pitching not as good as past. Odd team.
SFG / Giants are light on hitting, fantastic pitching. Need Belt and rest of MiLB wave to arrive.

DIV Winners:

1 game Wild Card playoff
PHI vs CIN, CIN moves on to playoffs.

STL beats ARI
CIN beats MIA
STL beats CIN and moves on to WS

AL East
NYY / Should be close race once again
BOS / Major rotation issues need to be addressed, some question marks on offense.
TB / Hitting needs to be addressed, pitching superior to rest o MLB
TOR / Hitting very good, pitching help coming later in season from MiLB
BAL / Team in transition, can’t really hit, and rotation is a complete mess. 4 team race.

AL Central
DET / Clear favorite in division, all around great team
KC / Hitters starting to mature and more youth on the way. rotation starting to come together
CHW / Chi-sox hitting below average, pitching even worse. Ventura makes them better & Dunn back to form.
CLE / Merely an average team, not much love for Indians
MIN / Team is a complete mess. Time to cut Morneau cord, and find some quality pitching!

NL West
TEX / Rangers best team in baseball by a wide margin. holy smokes this team is good, need to find way to cool off TEX heat.
LAA / Completely revamped Angels, offense “could be” spectacular, pitching ready to challenge TB for crown.
OAK / Even Cespedes can’t fix holes in this offense. Youthful rotation should pull out a few games though
SEA / Ackley / J Montero can’t save fans from another disappointing season. Felix can’t do it alone, they need pitching help.

DIV Winners:

1 game Wild Card playoff
BOS vs LAA, LAA moves on to playoffs.

LAA beats NYY
TEX beats DET
TEX beats LAA and moves on to WS

World Series: STL vs TEX repeat.
Texas wins.